The Postalsons

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I’ll eat that….er….mail that for you.


Submitted by: Rhonda from Ohio

Wild Speckle-Throated Googley Bird

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Mostly bred bred for their skills in water location, these creatures are often spotted near outhouses and port-o-johns. For realsies.


Snapped by: Amy from Ohio


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Deep in the woods behind the Cottrell estate, lies an ancient beast of a log named, Lumber Jack.
Photo stolen from: Jeff from Ohio

Grrrrrrrr, Bub!

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That Spandex is so tight that Wolverine’s eyes popped out.

Photo credit: Me

Because I’m TackEYE

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No longer will you have to waste time adhering googley eyes to thumbtacks just so you can googlify bulletin boards. SCIENCE!!!

Photo credit: Samantha from Arizona

DonkEYE Kong and MarEYEo

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Let the games begin! This is usually how I look when I play the game. I don’t blink. Still one of the hardest games ever programmed.

Photo credit: Me

The Mother Load!

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I have seen the light, and it is plentiful.


Credit: Me

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